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Communications Squadron
Originally configured as Wing Telecom within 4 Fighter Wing and then as a Detachment within Communication Squadron Lahr, Communication Squadron Baden-Soellingen became an independent unit on 1 November 1979. The role of the unit was to operate and maintain the Baden based extensions of the Canadian Forces Strategic Communications Systems linking Canada to Europe and to various United Nations organizations as well as to provide airfield communications and electronics support to Canadian Forces Base Baden. These two functional areas of responsibility included the wide array of systems listed below:


  • Telephones and Switchboards
  • Air-Ground-Air Transmitters/Receivers
  • Radar, Navigational Aid and Meterorological Equipment
  • On-Base Ground Communications Systems
  • Base Cable Plant


  • Military Aeronautical Communication System
  • High Frequency (HF) Gateway Communication Transmitters
  • Teletype/Data Message Center

The unit had an established strength of 58 military, 54 Regular, 4 Reserve and 11 civilian personnel. The military personnel included CELE officers; Administration Clerks; Communication, Radio Teletype and Terminal Equipment technicians; along with Linemen, a secretary, a telephone administrator and nine switchboard operators. German agencies such as as Seimens and Telenorama were also affiliated with the unit and worked in conjunction with its sections.

The outbreak of the Gulf War in January 1991 presented additional challenges to the unit with demands for extensive communications equipment and personnel. As well, prior to closure, the Squadron provided an important communication link to Canadian Forces personnel employed in Yugoslavia on peacekeeping duties. Since its inception, Communication Squadron Baden-Soellingen has played a vital role in keeping Canadians in touch, both here and elsewhere in Europe and the Middle East.

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