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-- What's New --

Aug 29, 2009

you can find us now on Facebook

Jul 24, 2007

added more pictures.. show new slide

Dec 21, 2006

Updated the In Memoriam and Who's online sections; also added a new picture of the month submission; picture and sound file donated by by Sheldon & Chris MacLean

Apr 24, 2006

Updated the In Memoriam and Who's online sections; also added a new picture of the month submission; picture donated by Mike MacBride

May 21, 2005

More great pictures added to Scenes from Germany; pictures submitted by submitted by Cpl Terry Chapman (4Wing 1956 - 59)

Mar 17, 2005

New Series - Time Warp- a on-line copy of the first edition of "The Schwarzwälder" published on 18th of Decmeber 1969. We will try to submit a new page (12) on a bi-weekly basis. Special thank's to Ernest Somers & George Sillery for sharing this great piece history

Feb 11, 2005

archived stories previous posted on

Feb 11, 2005

added Patrick Charles Usherwood's story Gulf War Veteran deprived of Citizenship

Feb 09, 2005


Aug 11, 2004

Great pictures from the very early years, also flip charts and aerial photos added to Scenes from Germany . Slide pictures titled The Begining were submitted by Ren L'Ecuyer WebMaster of

Aug 09, 2004

New Slide show added to Scenes from Germany; pictures submitted by Willy Bowers

July 31, 2004

Added an obituary section , if you like to add information or photographs please contact our web administrator Sonja

Jun 24, 2004

New pictures from 1963-66 Sport Teams where added to Scenes from Germany; pictures submitted by James Craik

Feb 02, 2004

New to the Webpage, the Monthly Picture, any photographs with subtitles can be submitted to the web administrator Sonja

Dec 16, 2003

Enjoy the vintage slides show Maple Leaf up ... pictures dating back to 1965 send in by Ivan Abolit

Oct 15, 2003

uploaded a lot of new pictures to the Baden Photo Gallery ... enjoy a glimpse back to the early days and present.. check out the vintage shows and 50 years Baden

Oct 01, 2003

50 Years Baden Soellingen Celebrations

Apr 29, 2003

Newsprint of Joe Warmington added Base tells a story

Dec 05, 2002

Uploaded a new slide show featuring the virtual tour of the German-Canadian Air Force Museum.

Nov 21, 2002

Added information on the German-Canadian Air Force Museum .... the new attraction to the former CFB Baden-Soellingen.

Nov 13, 2002

We won the "Baden-Baden Classic Award". A jury consisting of members of the Stadtführer Baden-Baden editorial staff judged the Internet presentation of Baden Soellingen Remembered so well done and honored it with the new Baden-Baden Classic Award.

Nov 1, 2002

We added information on how to obtain school records or passports. Info was gathered from bulletin board entries as a service to our visitors on an "as is" basis and may be used for information purposes only.

Oct 23, 2002

A story and pictures about the Memorial service held on 21 Sep, 2002 at Soellingen were added.

Apr 23, 2002

Updated and added some new links to the History Pages

Apr 22, 2002

New slides have been added to our Baden Photo Gallery. We thank Tom Goss for submitting these great photographs and adding the captions

Apr 21, 2002

Posted information for the upcoming 427 Tactical Helicopter Sqn 60th anniversary at Reunions & Special Events .

Feb 05, 2002

New pictures have been added to the Slideshow. The great serie of slides from the 1969 Raider Team has been submitted by Walter A. Empey of Calgary.

Sep 02, 2001

Check out our new Slideshow featuring a selection of images from Baden's Country side. Pictures for this show where submitted by Joe Delahaye .

Aug 11, 2001

Added a new booklet to our History section. Crossroads will take you back to the 1960 era of CFB Baden Soellingen.

Jun 6, 2001

Submitted a the new article Golfing at Baden Hills to our News Desk. Article and pictures are submitted by Sonja Fagnan

Mar 1, 2001

Added a new article about the Baden Raiders to our News Desk. Article and pictures were submitted by William Oliver; permission to copying the article was given by Joe Warmington, the author.

Dec 24, 2000

Updated our series on Baden's ARTISTS with an feature on Pat Crossley a talented writer.

Dec 2, 2000

Added more slides to the Graydon McCue's memories, renamed the show to McCue's & Smith's CFNS memories 1964-67, they can be viewed at the Baden Photo Gallery

Aug 18, 2000

Started a new series Baden's ARTISTS featuring talented people that are associated with CFB Baden Soellingen, our first Artist; Marianne Betts

Aug 14, 2000

Spruced up the CFNS book section with some vintage pictures send in by Walter Janes.

Aug 2, 2000

Added a new link to the old stomping grounds Leiberstung and Kartung.

Jul 30, 2000

Archived another Guestbook for a total of nine; updated the 422 section of the 40 Years Baden book with two group Photos dating back to 1960; supplied by Robert Kercher

Jul 18, 2000

Added information for the upcoming Baden HILLS GOLF CLUB REUNION

Jan 28, 2000

Finally we could add an link so many asked us for.... a site to remebered CFB LahrDer Kanadiera web site put up by Trisha Cornforth, German news reporter for "Der Kanadier" as well as for CFN/RFC radio and television, from the end of 1978 to the end of May 1994

Jan 21, 2000

Updated our Military Communities link section with links to the web page Esprit de Corps Magazine ; and a site to locate books about Canada's military history

Jan 12, 2000

We linked Matthias Greß Iffezheim web pages and a German site, dedicated to the aircraft formerly stationed in CFB Baden Soellingen to our link section. Transfered the collected recipes from the Bulletin Board and updated the Recipe section.

Dec 8, 1999

We added a new section to our history pages it features the book by Guy Fortier ........Is that all you do- play in the band !?... a book about service musicians and the RCAF.

Dec 2, 1999 We put the Spotlight on the Base Hospital; story and pictures submitted by Christina Nickweiler. Added new Links to the Baden Rube Band Photoalbum and the The Royal Canadian Regiment Association.

July 3, 1999

With the help of Philippe Madgin we now are able to introduce the webpage in French, to make it international we also translated it to German.
Updated the Base History Page with a new Present and Future of CFB Baden link to the Baden Airpark and the Baden Link section- Baden Rube Band Photo- (and Musik) Album new Homepage designed by Doug Thomas.

March 14, 1999 We have replaced the old events calendar program that was used for Reunions & Special Events with Site Headlines. Reunions, special events, articles, stories, news and announcements will be posted in this visible section of the BadenRemembered website. If you have an item you would like to have listed, please contact the Baden Site Administrator, Sonja, for more details on this free service.
March 05, 1999 A new slideshow "Graydon McCue's (Chet McCue) Baden memories from 1964 to 1967" has been added.
Feb 13, 1999 A new slideshow (from who else - Matthias!) "In and Around the Base" has been added.
Feb 13, 1999 We have added a new section - Looking For ... .If you have anyone that you have lost and want some help finding we can add your request to this page.
Feb 5, 1999 Updated Baden pictures were added to the Scenes from Germany section. Thanks again Matthias!
Feb 5, 1999 Added new Baden Links - Official Huegelsheim Home Page and the Altschweier/Baden Home Page.
January 20, 1999 Added a notification feature to the Who's Online section that will allow you to be notified if any new profiles are created.
January 20, 1999 Changed the Who's Online section to show all names in alphabetical order.
Dec 16, 1998 Added a new Link to Larry's Military Radar Pages
Dec 1, 1998 Added a new Baden Link to École Général Georges Vanier.
Nov 30, 1998 Added a new Baden Community Link to Field Station Augsburg.
Nov 18, 1998 Updated the Baden front page to highlight User Contributions to the site. An update on the Baden Rube Band was also added and was compiled by Richard Simpson. Also added a link on the 439 Squadron History page to Toocon's 439 Squadron page.
Nov 9, 1998 Added 2 new links on the Baden Links page - military newsgroups from DejaNews.
Nov 5, 1998 Mr. Georg Vigier has sent us some beautiful pictures of the Baden Hills golf course and some of the work that is being done on it. Thanks Georg!!
Oct 22, 1998 A new history section. This site will be updated as we receive more pictures and information.
Sept 1, 1998 Check out the new, improved scenes section at Scenes from Baden.
July 7, 1998 Added (returned the old feature!) a feature to Who's Online that will allow you to view all of the Baden profiles at once. (You can still search).
July 7, 1998 Posted information about a Baden Golf Reunion coming up in the fall of '98
July 5, 1998 Revamped the Who's Online section to allow for user editing of their Baden profiles.
June 20, 1998 Added a new feature "Refer this site to a friend", you can find this feature on most of the site footers (bottom of the page).
June 5, 1998 New url added - Links to Royal Canadian Legions.
May 24, 1998 New urls added - Links to Military Police sites.
May 17, 1998 A new page was added - Links to Other Military Communities. It is a bit short on links, so if you have any please email the URL and a short description.
May 15, 1998 Fixed the Mailing List link, sorry folks - if you had attempted to use this feature prior to today please try again. I promise - it is fixed.. :-))
May 15, 1998 Added this what's new page for an easy view to see what is new, or what has been changed on the Baden site.
May 10, 1998 Added a whack of new features this week - a mailing list, bulletin board, a calendar for anyone to add events and reunions to, updated the 'who's online' page so that everyone can create their own profile.

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