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Base Hospital 1987

Wed, Mar 3rd, 1999
Submitted by: Christina Nickweiler

The Hospital staff welcomes you!



Introducing the Staff

Back row left to the right:
SGT Orr, chief clerk in orderly room, he was very proud of his land, Army uniform, Mrs. Ruth Anne Sutherland, the Base dietician (down the hallway next corridor to the left, first door on the right). Next two gentleman, were CPL's they worked at the ward office. Oh, Mrs. Susan Porter the base surgeons secretary, she always made sure, she had a mirror in her office. CPL Jean Noel, we called him sometimes Cpl Merry Christmas The next lady cant remember her name, I think she was a social worker... CPL Wall and CPL Vallee. Next gentleman a SGT from the lab.., next Female CPL Christine, she left later to go to University. Hi Terry from the reception desk (".. may I help you? "). Mrs. Marylin McLeod worked in the orderly room (my best friend)


Next row:
Barb MC Millan, the physiotherapist, next lady can't remember her name... MCPL Slavik, worked at the ward office, orderly room, just everywhere in the hospital. Lorraine, worked in the billing department, she was Garfield's biggest fan. Sandy Caskanette worked at the social workers office. Mrs. Diane Bazinet, loved Germany and knew almost everybody on base, she managed the German hospital bills to get them paid. The next Lady, I'm sorry, can't remember her name. Next MCPL, later SGT Mazerolle, was fighting against the bugs at the pest control office. MCPL Parent, he loved to help in the medical service. Mrs. Carol Baker , she had always a good sense of humour, she was a nurse. The next lady I believe her name is Jane, one of our few civil and friendly nurses. Ghyssie Mac Naughton, the hospital mother at the reception desk. We loved to listen to her stories from her time, when she was in the air force.

Following row:
WO Jack the hospital warrant officer, he drove a green Volvo. CPL Eva Trones, she was also a meda, CPL Dallaway another meda, she lived in Bühl Waldmatt. Patty Bunzenmeyer she took over Dianes Job as billing clerk in the orderly room. PO2 Lavoi he was the hospital x-ray technician. O' yeah here is BERGY, CPL Jeanette Berg worked at the pharmacy. The next gentleman I cant remember his name, he was one of our young medas. CPL Ferguson was an admin lady and worked at the orderly room (later posted to Edmonton helicopter squadron) at the phone she would sound like ".. hospital orderly room CPL Ferguson speaking SIR .." Christine Bellinithe civilian person working at the pharmacy she lived in Varnhalt and spoke three languages. Cherryl Grant, was the mental health nurse, she also gave us mental health, by her humour. The next lady, oh that's me Christina Nickweiler, I was the only German girl at the hospital worked as a medical exam clerk in the orderly room and gave a lot of German language assistance, when we had to deal with German hospitals or Doctors.

First row left to right:
Capt Slaugter, the prenatal nurse, Capt Turgeon, leading the ward office, I remember she organised the hospital Halloween-party. Capt. Kinvig the pharmacist and a charmer. The next Lady was an officer cadet, a student during the summer time. Next gentleman is LT(N), later LT CDR Caskanette, was the Hospital Administration officer, I remember he helped out at the Christmas party as Santa: Ho, ho, ho. ... 1995 I heard, that he unfortunately, died. The next person is LCOL Brennan the B ADMO at this time. MAJ. Rayma Mac Pherson, was the Base surgeon. CAPT Burrows Senior Nurse, CAPT Cramer a physician, he called himself "(I'm).. a city boy, coming from Toronto", CAPT Maggie Lamontaigne was the Baby health nurse, every Tuesday she held the "Well" (jell) Baby-clinic. Capt. Marie-Claude Lebeau was our young good looking female physician. LT(N) Deringer was a Hospital Socialworker you hardly saw him at the Hospital, because he had his Office in the community.


Just another working day at the Base hospital

Usually at 8:00 o?clock in the morning the day at the hospital started, with the announcement of test of the base crash alarm system. It made sure, that everybody was really awake by that time. The MIR use to be just crowed at this time. 10:30 hrs we had coffeebreak at the coffee room and there was a small gorup sitting around the table, playing "jucker". Next coffee break at 15:00 hrs and end of the end of duty for the day personnel at 16:30 hrs.

Some events and social activities

Some events, which happened during that year. 1987 was the year of the most plane crashes as far as I remember in my times there. It showed me how efficient the hospital stuff was working and dealing with the patients. I learned, that there is just a little step between Births, emergencies, diseases and death. As serious as the hospital stuff had to work, the more they liked sitting in the bear cave some Friday afternoons during the summertime to say "Auf Wiedersehen" to the one or the other. I remember a great Halloween-party , a Christmas decoration party (with moose milk) and a Lunch with the whole hospital stuff in the hall way, one or two days prior to Christmas. Yes, we have been like a big family.
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