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Meeting Gerry Lemay

Mon, Jul 2nd, 2012
Submitted by: S.Fagnan

When visiting Germany last Fall I met up with Gerard Lemay at the German-Canadian Airforce Museum on the former base grounds. Many of you know Gerry from your time serving in Baden and he became a good friend to so many of you.
Gerry told me his story during our visit and allowed me to share it with you.

" I was an aero-engine mechanic in the Royal Canadian Air Force and got posted to 422 Squadron at 4 Wing Baden-Soellingen in 1953.
I arrived in Baden on a North Star on August 20th, 1953 at 1500 hrs and went straight to the Mess hall for some food. There I met a German girl named Theresa, that was around 1600 hrs. I did not hesitate and had a date later that day meeting up with Theresa at the Roessel for a dance.
We got married December 31th, 1953. "
The couple had nine children three girl's and six boys.



The Lemay's returned to Canada in September 1957 on the SS Ivernia via MontreaL and were posted to Ottawa Uplands,
for the next seven years.
When Gerry retired from the Air Force the Lemay's stayed in the Ottawa area became a gas station owner and other jobs followed.
In 1973 the Lemay Family decided to return to Theresa's home land and made Germany their permanent home. Once in Germany Gerry got a job with Daimler Benz in Rastatt and became a valued member of the 4 Wing community.
When Baden-Soellingen Branch opened in 1980 Gerry became a member and held the position of Royal Canadian Legion Chairman for 15 years. Gerry is still a member of the legion and also a frequent visitor and tour guide at the German-Canadian Air Force museum.


I consider Gerald Lemay as a legend having spend the early years at 4 Wing years in Baden, helping the base grow and lending a helping hand to the community for so many years.

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