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Tribute to 422 Squadron and the Sabre

422 Squadron personnel taken in 1956

1 Ken McCrimmon 2 Gil Hamel 3 Gerry Dusseault 4 Bill Ross 5 Jake Mulhall * 6 Al Adams 7 Paul Apperley 8 Ernie Saunders 9 CC McGee 10 Pete Semak * 11 Frank Konrad * 12 Slim Lalonde * 13 Danny Gagnon 14 Ray Carruthers * 15 Myron Filyk 16 Dan Danford 17 Doug Creighton 24 Tieffenback 25 Chip Silverda 27 Shirl Peck 28 Ollie Wellon 29 Wally Gwozd 30 Len Coleman * 31 JT Price * 32 Johnny Taylor 33 Bill Clare 34 Robby Robinson * 35 Howie Jacobs 38 Martin 44 Marc Paris 45 WO2 Rooney 46 Dave Smart 53 Pelchat 54 Gerry Girard 55 Sgt Mac Donnell 61 Robbie Robertson 70 71 F/S Masters 76 Bannerman 77 Milt Brandon 79 George Cripps 84 Francis Ketcheson 91 Les Snelgrove 96 Edmonds 100 George Bird 101 Jack Buchner 104 Doug Fraser 111 Swan 114 Wally Janes

picture and information send by Walter Janes if you can indentify any further person please contact us * Deceased

I pulled up outside an airport, and she sat there, on display, On a little pad of concrete, like a grounded bird of prey.
I was carried in an instant by that bit of happenstance, To an airfield near a village, in the fields of northern France..
Once again I hear the bellow of the turbine's mighty song As the waves of rolling thunder drive the sleek war-birds along...
Down the runway; ever faster, till they bid the earth good-bye, And the gear locks into place as they leap headlong for the sky.
Rising like four homesick angels to their home among the clouds, All around;...reverberations of their passing;... long and loud.
Four small specks far in the distance, vanishing into the blue, Now there's nothing left but echoes and the scent of Turbo 2.
Beeping horns of angry drivers drag my mind back to to-day, ...From forty years back in the past, and half a world away.
The traffic lights have turned to green during my reverie, For both of us are obsolete ; The Sabre Jet and me!

439 Squadron RCAF Marville, France 1962 send in by Frank Halliwell Jimboomba, Qld. Australia