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Do you have pictures or stories to share about your posting to Baden? Email Sonja with your story idea and we'll post your contribution to this section.


RCAF Moose Milk


Something I found in my recipe box I like to share. I'm sure a lot of you remember this from the Christmas parties at the Mess Hall!

Wiedersehen After 30 Years

Wolfgang Eberts

Wolfgang Eberts, aka the flying Gardener and honorable member of 421 Squadron, welcomed 20 Pilots and their spouses to a trip down memory lane.

Baden/Europe Motorbike Tour 2011

Gary Turner

Howdy everyone, my name is Gary Turner and it is my hope you enjoy my impressions of Baden and the Germany of today. Virtually everyone I know who lived in Baden vows to return; it only took thirty-nine years for me to keep my promise.

Meeting Gerry Lemay


The Year of the Veteran

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada has declared 2005 the Year of the Veteran. Canadians will celebrate throughout the year, honour, remember, and teach our youth about the contributions and sacrifice of our veterans.

Born Abroad

Kim Friesen

In January 2005 Kim Friesen tried to change the surname on her SIN card to that of her husbands. One of the requirements to do this is to present birth documents verifying Canadian citizenship. As a child born to Canadian parents while posted to Germany, she was informed that her documents were not  recognized by HRDC Canada and that she had to apply for a Canadian Citizenship Card.

Gulf War Veteran Deprived of Citizenship

Cpl Patrick Charles Usherwood

I am Canadian citizen who lost his citizenship because of 9/11. I am not alone there are thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of other Canadians in the same situation who don't even know it.

The Hugie Express

Walter A. Empey

In June 1959, the Royal Canadian Air Force had the unique distinction of having two Four Wing personnel became the first Canadians to qualify in the operation of the famous Hugie Express.

50 Years Baden-Soellingen

Bernd Potzeldt

50 Years ago the first fighter aircraft's landed at Soellingen's airport, from then on a new era began.
This anniversary called for a celebration decided Herbert Lienhart the President of the German-Canadian Air Force Museum.

A Tribute to Jerry Chalmers

Warren B. Funnel

A close friendship of three kids attending a brand new high school in Winnipeg, was formed almost from the moment we met. One was Gerry Walmsley, another was Jerry Chalmers, and the third was myself. I was from the lower income area of Winnipeg, the North End. Not poor, but having three squares a day, sometimes only two, and sometimes four (midnight snacks).

Base Tells a Story

Joe Warmington

The blue street sign says Toronto Ave. Toronto Ave..? It kind of stands out in the middle of the Black Forest. For someone who didn't know the history of this area it would seem kind of strange.

Secret Weapon Baden Raiders

Joe Warmington

It was the height of the cold war and these soldiers where definitely the super power of Europe. And for kids growing up on Canadian Forces Base Baden-Soellingen, the players on the Baden Raiders hockey team were super heroes, even held in higher esteem than the popular CF 104 fighter jet pilots.

Baden Babies 1992

Trisha Cornforth

Photo of the Baden babies born in 1992. Are you in this picture? Let us know!

Tribute to 422 Squadron and the Sabre

Frank Halliwell

A tribute to 422 Squadron and the Sabre era. Pictures and content contributed by a variety of sources.

First DND Student Trip to the Soviet Union

Bruce Corbett

Many teachers at Baden Senior wanted to take students to the Soviet Union, Peter Barbour in particular. They were always refused on the grounds of security, particularly the concern that the children of personnel might be detained or 'turned' to give information to the Soviets. Teachers were allowed to go, and I went on a tour to Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg) which I found quite an eye-opener. I too wanted to take students, and since Peter Barbour had repatted to the land of the round doorknobs, I applied.

Base Hospital 1987

Christina Nickweiler

Some events, which happened during that year. 1987 was the year of the most plane crashes as far as I remember in my times there. It showed me how efficient the hospital stuff was working and dealing with the patients.

Baden Rube Band Update

Rick Simpson

The Baden Rube Band began as a typical Drum & Bugle Band 45 years ago. It made the transition to Hill-Billy Show Band (which is where the term "Rube" came from), & came to a close as an German Band in 1993 when it disbanded, due to the closure of CFB Baden. The CFE Pipes & Drums came in about 1983.

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