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The ingredients:
1. fresh fruit (approximately 1 pound)
2. sugar (approximately 1/2 pound)
3. Good quality (unflavored) dark rum at least 54%  to cover the fruit by 1 inch

It's traditional to begin with the first fresh fruit of the new growing season. 

Ideal fruits are:
Pineapple cored and cut in large cubes
Cherries stemmed and pitted
Nectarines quartered and pitted
Plums pitted and quatered
Grapes seedless
Strawberries remove stem & leaves
Red currants

Wash and dry the first chosen fruit. 
Remove any stems, seed and pits.
Place the one pound of fruit and a half pound of sugar into the Rumtopf.
top with enough rum to cover the fruit by at least one inch.
to avoid evaporation , cover the opening of the Rumtopf
tightly with plastic wrap and place the lid firmly on top. 
Store in a cold place away from heat and direct sunlight.
repeat the process for each new fruit layer until your Rumtopf  is full.
If all the fruit you want to use is available on the same day, you may fill up the Rumtopf with layers of fruit and sugar and rum.
Allow the entire mixture to sit for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Check periodically to make sure there  is no extra fermentation taking place. 
If you see bubbles develop, you have fermentation.; if this happens raise the alcohol  percentage with adding some Strohrum at 75%

Serve the Rumtopf fruits with its syrup (hot or cold) over ice-cream, cake, flan, puddings, or cheese cake
Serve as a side dish with any game meat.
Mix into Champagne for a unique and elegant cocktail
Warm on top a thin crepe-like pancake and roll up.  Add whipped cream or ice cream, if desired.
endless uses the choice is yours

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