Baden Remembered


RCAF Moose Milk

12 egg yolks
40 oz Canadian Whiskey
40 oz Rum
5 oz Kahlua
10 oz maple Syrup
40 oz Milk (homogenized - don't use skim!)
40 oz Heavy whipping cream (not canned)
1 cup sugar




Beat yolks until fluffy and well mixed

add sugar and beat mixture until thick

stir in milk and liquor

chill at least 3 hours.. best overnight

whip cream until good and thick ( canned whip cream will flat)

fold in whipped cream  (it will appear as if it has totally thinned out, don't worry)

chill for another hour

sprinkle the top with nutmeg and cinnamon

serve .. should be kept chilled because of the raw eggs, which should be not problem

as the Moose milk dissapears quite quickly.

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