Anyone know all the names?

Red = Online
---- = Name Unknown


Back Row: Elaine Price,Tina Mitchell , Evelyn Goslin, Thomesina Mayby, Penny Ralph, Brenda Cousineau, Angie Reid, Celina Gagnon, Linda Power, Darlene Horton, Linda Carr
Second Row: Noelle Burke, Mindy Campitelli, Johanna Granger, Marcia Jeans, Sonja Fagnan (Courtiol), May Pond, Esther Gale, Laura Madore, Laura Ross, Gloria Hawley
Third Row: Holly Tupy, Paula Leaman, Dionne Gordon, Thea Lanteigne, Rachel McWhirter, Colleen Beaulme,Kandice Schmidt, Sharon Edgett, Tracy King,Gerry Glover,Roxanne Boyes
Front Row: Linda Campbell, WO Beaulme, Major Grady, LCol Don McKinnon, Capt Buonamici, MWO Provost, George Piteau


If you didn't know anyone in this picure, try this one


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