Rev. C.E. Drouin, Wing Chaplain, RC

Christmas is a kind of magic word stirring up in Children's hearts the joy of sharing gifts and goodies; in Adults' hearts the joy of refreshing meetings and celebrations; but we know the reason behind these jubilations is the birth of a God-made Man bringing an unusual massage, a message of love and peace.

An angel of the Lord said to the shepherds: "Behold, I bring you good news of great joy which shall be to all people; for today in the Town of David
a Saviour has been born to you, who is Christ the Lord." "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among men of good will."
Maj. R.A.F. Currie, Wing Chaplain(P)


Once again, as the Christmas season approaches, we are reminded that we have done nothing constructive to put Christ into Christmas for the little children entrusted to our care.

From earliest recollections my parents taught me the true spirit of Christmas. It was a lime of rejoicing, because the Baby Jesus had been born and would someday become ruler of all the world. God revealed to certain wise Kings of the earth and to humble Shepherds the exact place where the Babe might be found. They obeyed the divine command and found the Child and His earthly parents. Gifts for the Babe were immediately presented, consisting of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

After the gifts had been presented, the Kings and Shepherds knelt before the Child and praised God for the gift of His Son to the World.

In our present commercialized age, we have strayed a long way from the Little Town of Bethlehem when we used a word sounding like "crismis" ..... "Yet in its dark streets shineth, the everlasting Light", whose rays may yet show us the way to the true spirit of Christmas.

It is the wish of your Chaplains that He who made the Manger radiant with the beauty of Christ's birth hallow the coming of Christmas into your home.


WHAT IS A COUNCIL? This definition of Councils and Committees comes from England and describes them as "Groups of people talking about things they should be doing". Your Council falls into this category as well, as times, but they are sincere in trying to get the doing done once the talking is over and a decision reached.
The 4 Wing Community Council is made up of 14 Councillors, one from each of the 10 Wards in PMQs, and one from each of the 4 Economy Wards. In addition, every council meeting is attended by the Community Services Manager, Executive Secretary, Wing Per O, School Principal, Student Council Representative, and the Teen Town Advisor.
The Council endeavours to provide a variety of services and activities for as many dependents as is physically possible within our resources. Hockey, Baseball, Swimming, Summer Fun, Figure Skating - these are all very popular and expensive programs. Special events, playground and wading pool maintenance, Scouts and Guides, Group Committee, Adult Education, Welcome Wagon -- these are but a few of the many other activities supported by Council. In addition, the Council is concerned with enhancing the general appearance of PMQs, and tries to promote cooperation among the residents
Community Services
Many of our 4 Wing personnel who are active in community affairs receive no recognition for their efforts. These dedicated individuals, servicemen, dependents and civilians provide a significant service to our community and do so in their own time and without monetary reward of any kind. For these people the 4 Wing Community Service Award has been introduced.
Significant service is defined as that amount of personal effort which has brought pleasure, benefit or gain to the 4 Wing Community, either directly or by providing a service to another agency which has brought credit to 4 Wing, the Canadian Armed Forces, or Canada.
The Awards Committee, with the CAdO as Chairman, will meet twice per year to consider nominations and make their recommendations to the Commanding Officer. There will be a Special annual function sponsored by Wing Fund at which the recipients of the Award will receive a Lapel Pin and a Personalized Scroll from the Commanding Officer. Where the recipient is a serviceman or a dependent, a notation will be placed on the serviceman's file outlining the circumstances of the Community Service Award.
To be eligible for this Award, one must be:
a) A service member (Canadian or Allied), dependent or civilian on strength of 4 Wing;
b) Receive no monetary award;
c) Volunteer, appointed or elected;
d) Performed a significant service as defined in paragraph (2) above.
The precise amount or worth of such


to make the area a pleasant place in which to live.
Each year, every Adult Member of the 4 Wing Community has a positive way of having his ideas heard and possibly bringing about changes that would enhance life in the Community. Every year in February elections are held for a new Council. Make yourself available. If you have too many other secondary duties, make sure you vote for someone who can listen to the ideas of his fellow constituents and can speak up at Council meetings

We've had an all-male Council up until this year -- perhaps it's time that Dependent Wives had a chance to serve on Council; after all there's no denying that the wives spend a great deal more time in the very 'Community' that the Council is talking about.

Until now, the Council has had very little publicity. The fault is our own.

With co-operation of the "SCHWARZWÄLDER", your Council will have something to present in this spot in each Edition.
By the way, any idea who your present Councillor is?
service is a matter to be decided by the 4 Wing Awards Committee. In making this Judgment, the Committee shall consider the length of time during which the service was performed and/or the value of the service to the community and/or the demands which the performance of the service placed upon the donor.

Nominations for this Award may be made by anyone on strength at 4 Wing, service or civilian. Nominations are to be submitted on a special form, which is available at the Community Services Office or the Wing Orderly Room.

Nurses Needed

In view of the possible re-opening of the 4 Wing Hospital in June of 1970, a number of civilian Registered Nurses will be employed at the Hospital.

All RNs holding a current registration of a Province in Canada, and wishing employment are asked to contact the Matron, Captain R. Laberee, by telephoning Local 515 or 453 to arrange for an interview.

... and Teachers Too

The three Base School, Junior, Intermediate and Senior, are in need of supply teachers to come into the School and take over classes when the illness of a regular teacher warrants it. If you are a qualified teacher at the Junior, Intermediate or Senior level, please call at the School offices and pick up an application form.
... Speaking Out
Those NPF Buses have proved to be very popular. And no wonder - the very low cost of one dollar per seat per day, plus courteous, safe drivers, all contribute to their being very much in demand.
Did you know that it's P.E.R. time once again? It is hoped that, in the true spirit of Christmas, the bosses' pens may be overflowing with generosity.

Those Theatre Passes given to drivers who, when checked, were wearing their seat belts, is an excellent idea. But why do this just during Safe Driving Week? One wonders why it's not kept up the year 'round. Another idea would be a l0-cent fine for drivers caught without their seat belts on. The proceeds would offset the cost of the Theatre Passes, and anything left over could line the Air Force Police Crippled Children's Fund. The fine should be on a voluntary basis and would act as a reminder that many crippled children are the direct result of a lack of seat belts.
Has anyone thought of organizing a Credit Union at 4 Wing? The advantages would be many, and the need is obvious. Did you know that the SWO and his lady helped by two gentlemen from WIF and one from Accounts are responsible for the excellent Christmas decorating in the International Room.

The one-way traffic in the PMQs is a great idea! It is hoped by many that it may be here to stay. With school children, school buses, and that hedge blocking drivers views, these two signs may accomplish more towards driving safety than all the ones put up for Safe Driving Week.
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only 372 Days
till Christmas

The angelic greeting that was to bring joy to the world many 'centuries ago, still echoes in our days its message of peace and good will. It should not be strange to say that it calls for mutual tolerance and common effort toward unity in understanding and love.

The gospel of truth, justice and love that was revealed to mankind in the Incarnation, will remain for all times the foundation for man's hope and the
source of peace and happiness in a world that never ceases to search and hunger for these eternal gifts. However, the distractions of a confused generation conspire to delude man and estrange him from his rightful place in the plan of God, and this to the detriment of his welfare and happiness. A return to spiritual realities will enable him to enjoy a life of security and peace, by helping him fulfill his human perfection and attain to his eternal salvation.

As Canadian Servicemen, we are, by our profession, dedicated to the promotion of peace and goodwill among men. Hence, our mission to the world is dearly in harmony with the plan for peace and order that was established by the Prince of peace many centuries ago.

To all our Servicemen, married or single, to dependent wives and children, and to all civilians working with us, teachers, secretaries, service leaders, tradesmen and women, we extend our warmest greetings and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with blessings.
Re. C.E. Drouin
POSITION WANTED - One slightly-used CF-104 Pilot, temporarily unemployed, is looking for position as Shopping Centre Santa Claus this Christmas. Depending on times requested, can borrow helicopter from friends. Available through the offices of "THE SCHWARZWÄLDER".

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Special thank's to Ernest Somers & George Sillery for sharing this great piece of CFB Baden-Soellingen history

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