The British Government agrees with the idea of collaboration on defence projects with other countries such as Canada and Australia. This is con-tained in a Government White Paper on Defence Research and Develop-ment brought down in London. The proposal was put forward by a Parliamentary Select Committee on science and technology.
It says there already are some coll-aboration projects in existence. One of these is a communications system called Mallard, which is shared by both Canada and Australia, as well as Britain and the United States.


The Chief of Defence Staff for the Canadian Armed Forces, General F. R, Sharp, visited NATO-assigned 1 Air Division Headquarters last week.
General Sharp arrived in Lahr Tuesday morning, December 9th. The Com-mander of 1 Air Division, Major-General D.C. Laubman, and the Commanding Officer of 1 Wing Lahr, Colonel A.J. Pudsey greeted the top Canadian Forces; General on his arrival.
In the afternoon he had a round-table discussion with five junior Officers of the Air Division. At 9 a.m. on Wednesday, December l0th, a Guard of Honour officially wel-comed General Sharp to the Head-quarters of 1 Air Division in the Cana-dian Caserne at Lahr. Briefings and discussions were the order of the day. The subject: reorganization of Canadian Forces Europe.


The West German Ambassador to Canada, Doctor Joachim Ritter, says the policies of his Government are founded in the belief that Germany will one day be re-united. In an inter-view in Fredericton Doctor Ritter said reunification of East and West Germany ranked behind only peace anion of Cana-diad security as priorities for his Government. Commenting on reductn troops in Europe, the West Ger-man Ambassador said he does not con-sider this as a reduction of Canada's commitment to NATO.


corruption of its late President, Mr. C. Powell Morgan. He died October 17th, 1966, 16 months after the inquiry got The Royal Commission report on the 1965 collapse of the giant Atlantic Acceptance Corporation Limited says that it can be directly attributed to the underway. The Atlantic Acceptance Corporation's collapse shook Canada's financial community. The Royal Commission report says it represented a loss of between 70 million and 75 million dollars. The report labels Morgan in-ventive, ingenious, incompetent, cor-rupt, and a swindler. The collapse of Atlantic Acceptance almost brought down the British Mortgage and Trust Company. The Royal Commision report says its President Wilfred P. Gregory of Stratford, Ontario did everything to destroy British Mortgage and Trust. Gregory's conduct fell far short of what is expected of any honourable man. It says his most destructive activities were concealed from his fellow directors.


A report from Brussels says that Canada will likely take on the job of leading an attack by the NATO coun-tries on inland water pollution. Inform-ants say that Canada, with her exper-ience in combating Great Lake problems with pollution, will be in the forefront of fighting the worldwide problem. The NATO countries have representatives in Brussels at a 3-day meeting of the Committee on the Challenge of Modern Society. This was set up a month ago at the urging of President Nixon. Other problems to be discussed at the meeting include disaster relief, pollution of the seas, and air pollution.


Canada's Armed Forces enter into the New Year with major questions unanswered. Two of the most prominent concern Continental Defence. The questions are whether Canada will play a role in the anti-ballistic missile system planned by the U.S., and whether it will take part in a new Continental Bomber Defence program based on airborne radar warning and control. Prime Minister Trudeau this year disclosed a re-orientation of Canadian Defence policy away from Europe and toward North America with future emphasis to be placed on protecting Canadian sovereignty. Many observers say that the U.S. would ask for bases in Canada if Ottawa decides against contributing to new Continental Defence arrangements. They say that Ottawa might find it extremely difficult to refuse such a request.


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Sergeant R. C. Jackson recently won an $ 80.00 suggestion award for his suggestion concerning a simplified hydraulic test stand hookup for Canadian Armed Forces Albatross aircraft. Sergeant Jackson was serving at Canadian Forces Base Summerside when he submitted his suggestion. Awards similar to the above are made on a regular basis, following analysis of worthwhile suggestions from DND personnel by the Suggestion Awards Committee in CFHQ. These are suggestions which will result in savings to the Department of National Defence. If you have a constructive idea or suggestion, turn it in to money by contacting your Wing Suggestion Award Committee through Captain J. O. Walker at Local 452.

Colonel F. J. Kaufman's shown presenting CDs and Clasps to 4 Wing Servicemen.
First Row: Cpl. A. R. TyreIl, Cpl. B. N. Cook, Cpl. R. H. Bach, Cpl. H. L. Israel, Col. F. J. Kaufman Major R. O. Boucher, Cpl. R. R. Gatien, Cpl. A. J. Girard, Cpl. C. C. Couture, WO A. M. Donaldson. Second Row: Cpl. W. T. Wallace, Cpl. J. E. AbeIl, Cpl. G. F. Cummings, Cpl. G. A. Davison, Cpl. F. 'D. Gannon, Cpl. R. Patey, Cpl. G. R; Preston, Cpl. P. B. Dentremont. Cpl. Third Row: A. J. Boyes, Cpl. J. A. Young, Cpl. B. F. Hillier, Cpl. G. W. Debaie, Cpl. N. L. Powell Cpl. B. W. Dickson, Cpl. R. R. Peters, Capt. W. Given.

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Special thank's to Ernest Somers & George Sillery for sharing this great piece of CFB Baden-Soellingen history
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