The Newspaper of Canadian Servicemen at 4 Wing, Baden Soellingen
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I would like to take the opportunity in this, the first edition of "THE SCHWARZWÄLDER", to express my sincere thanks and congratulations to those whose ingenuity, determination and industry have made possible a weekIy newspaper for our Wing. The numerous proposals from members of our community suggest that interest is sufficiently high that the newspaper stands an excellent chance of being an immediate success. However, you will recognize that pro-duction of a weekly newspaper is an under-taking of some magnitude. I have no doubt that our publication will experience some growing pains in its attempt to satisfy the particular needs of our community, as well as to provide articles which will be both interesting and of educational value to readers of "THE SCHWARZWÄLDER". The Editor and his staff are volunteers and I know that they stand ready to do all in' their power to make our newspaper the finest in Ser-vice circles. They need our confidence and total support let's prove to them that they can count on us!
I would, of course, be remiss if I neglected to express on behalf of all 4 Wingers a sincere thank you to the Recreation Centre staff and the host of individuals who supported them in publishing the 4 Wing Information Sheet. Stated very simply, "Well done, and thank you for all the efforts you have extended in providing a wonderful service to our community''.
Finally, on receipt of this issue of "THE SCHWARZWÄLDER", you will be in the midst of preparing for Christmas and, in turn, the New Year's festivities. At this time I look back with much pride and satisfaction on the achievements of this Wing during the past twelve months. We have continued to uphold our pre-eminent position within the Air Division and NATO. Needless to say, such outstanding achievement is the sum total of the combined and joint efforts of every "4 Winger" civilian as well as military. I wish to express my deep appreciation and to say thank you for this proud record.
The widespread generosity of funds, material and personal effort devoted to the many and varied "causes" throughout the area speaks volumes for the Christian spirit and compassion of the Wing. I am indeed grateful to all of you for your contributions towards an ever better relationship with our neighbours and allies
Mrs. Kaufman and my family join me in wishing each and every one - service, civilian and dependent - A Very Merry Christmas and much success and hap-piness in 1970.

AIR DIV. Repat
List Annouced
Air Division Headquarters personnel staff have released, to 1 and 4 Wings, the names of 487 personnel who will be repatriated to Canada as a result of the reorganiza-tion of Canadian Forces in Europe.

Personnel, whose names are on the latest repa-triation list, will be informed through official channels.
The latest repat notices, forwarded to 1 and 4 Wings on December 9th include per-sonnel of all ranks from pri-vate to chief warrant officer in thirteen trades, mainly tho-se associated with aircraft maintenance. On the list are 292 personnel at 1 Wing Lahr and 195 at 4 Wing Ba-den-Soellingen. Many of the CF-lO4 jet pilots, who will be staying in Europe, have also been informed. The na-mes of sixty, Starfighter pi-lots, who will be remaining in Germany, were released to both 1 and 4 Wings late Monday December 8th.

By mid-Summer, 1970, these pilots will be with the three Starfighter Squadrons which will be based at Baden-Soellingen. The three Squadrons will be 421 Red Indian, 439 Tiger and 441 Silver Fox. The Squadrons will form 1 Ca-nadian Air Group which will have its Headquarters in the Canadian Caserne at Lahr. They will be opera-tionally responsible to NATO's Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force.

What Is It?

The mast-head of "THE SCHWARZWÄLDER", our new Base Newspa-per, is balanced on each end with the insignia from our official CAF 4 Wing crest The dark-coloured circle is symbolic of the Black Forest, with the Rhine River (usually in blue) flowing across it. The three Squadrons on the Base are presented by the three erect banner-staves.

Pictured above is a command and reconnaissance vehicle which visited 4 Wing last week on the Annual Christmas PX run. The crew, shown here parked out-side the PX, were somewhat dismayed to learn that the previous day had been an American holiday, the reason the facility was in no condition to accommodate them.


Your answer to our call for articles and reports to be published in this, the first Edition of the 4 Wing "SCHWARZWÄLDER", was overwhelming. How-ever, shortage of time, electric copier, inexperience in this field, and an abundance of material have left us exposed to many errors or omissions. We can only ask you to excuse this, and to bear with us, when in future editions these problems will be cor-rected. The Staff of "THE SCHWARZWÄLDER, ex-tends a hearty "thanks" for your response in help-to get your new newspaper on its way.

The next Edition of your 4 Wing Newspaper will "hit the stands" on Thursday, January 8th, 1970. All articles and copy for publication should be received at the newspaper office prior to January 5th.


New CO for
CFB Europe

Colonel Gorden H. Sellars, 46, of Calgary, Alberta, has been named Command Authority of the Lahr-Soellingen Complex, Canadian Forces Base, Europe and will commence when F.F.B. Europe is formed officially next summer. In the meantime, he will be involved in planning of the new C.F. Base Concept. Both 1 and 4 Wing organizations, now commanded respectively by Colonel A. ]. Pudsey and Colonel F. J. Kaufman, will continue until CFB Europe is formed officially.

Headquarters of CFB Europe will be at the Canadian Caserne in Lahr, and will have some jurisdiction over Canadian Forces at both Lahr and Baden-Soellingen. The new CFB Europe will house units of the 5,000-man Canadian Forces Europe being formed in 1970 to replace the present NATO-assigned Canadian 1 Air Division and 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.
A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, he was commissioned in the Calgary Highlanders and as a liaison officer with Headquarters, 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade. After his return to Canada in July, 1945, he served on the staff of Headquarters Western Command in Edmonton. In 1947 he was posted to the 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and in 1950 to its 3rd Battalion.
In 1951 he served with the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade Reinforcement Group in Tacoma, Washington, and Camp Wainwright, Alberta. In 1952 he was posted to the 2nd Canadian Highland Battalion, and promoted major.
He completed a course at the Canadian Army Staff College, Kingston, Ontario, in December of 1953 and was posted to Korea as a Company Commander with the 2nd Battalion, The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada.
After returning to Canada a year later, he held various staff appointments until 1959 when he was posted to Britain as an Exchange Officer at the British War Office in London. In 1961 he went to Ghana as a member of the Canadian Military Training Team.

He was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel and appointed Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion, the Black Watch, at Camp Gagetown, New Brunswick, in April of 1963. In September of 1966 he was appointed to the Directorate of Training and in May, 1967, was promoted Colonel and appointed Director of Officer Cadets. He attended the National Defence College, Kingston, from September of 1968 until July of 1969. In August, 1969, he became Commander, Canadian Forces Base, Soest, with Headquarters at Soest, Germany.


Special thank's to Ernest Somers & George Sillery for sharing this great piece of CFB Baden-Soellingen history
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