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In Memoriam


A service for the dedication of a new memorial was held Sunday the 21st of 2002 in Söllingen.The dedication was made because there were quite few of the dependants graves missing. They had been destroyed because the Germans only allow individuals to hold a plot for a certain time period. When the Canadian Government found this out they made contact with all the local towns people who were involved with such matter and made a contract with them to hold these graves in perpetuity at a cost to the Canadian Government. All the town registers were scanned for those that had died while living over here, and those that were missing were placed on a memorial stone in each of the cemeteries where they were originally buried. The stone at Söllingen weighs in at three tons and was inscripted and sent from Quebec as they were the only ones that put in a bid to supply these stones. There are others situated in Zweibrücken, St.Avold, Werl, Soest and other places where the Canadians were stationed. Each stone will be dedicated the final one being in Lahr; November 2002. There were 116 names inscribed on the Sollingen stone. You can imagine the size of it as it weighed three tons and stood two meters tall and two meters wide. by Syd Phillips


In Memory of the Canadian Dependants who died and were burried here while Candian Forces were serving with NATO

Germany 1954-1993

À la Mémoire des membres des familles Canadiennes decédes et enteresses ici alors que les Forces Canadiennes etaient au service de L'OTAN

Allemagne 1954-1993

We will remember them Nous Nous Souviendrons D'Eux


Daniel Kenny 05-08-54 Darryl Smith 20-09-61 Allin Addison 07-07-68
Baby Walker 10-04-55 Baby Rozee 03-10-61 Thomas Colvin 24-12-68
Gary Lavack 04-11-55 Baby Willis 03-10-61 Sherry Drouin 18-07-69
Michael Larocque 01-12-55 Baby Putney 14-05-62 Hollie Giller 19-06-72
Jacqueline Lalonde 17-12-55 Baby Holliday 07-08-62 Jodie McArthur 29-07-72
Lesley Burrow 17-02-56 Marc Wren 31-10-62 Baby McCafferty 21-04-73
Baby Bernhard 11-04-56 Baby Neill 12-02-63 John Otis 31-01-74
Frederick Dunsmore 14-08-56 Baby Kee 17-07-63 Baby Folkes 15-02-74
Baby Lavack 15-08-56 Baby Brundige 25-02-64 Jeremy Bullerwell 06-03-74
Anne Salvuda 25-08-56 Dorothy Ramshaw 23-08-64 Denise Hall 10-05-74
Shelly Campbell 17-09-56 Baby Bourdage 07-10-64 Daniel Loxterkamp 23-06-75
Marie Nantel 10-03-58 Baby Dubois 08-01-65 Heidi Steedman 24-08-75
Robert Blain 31-03-58 Peter Foien 27-05-65 Mary Martin 07-07-76
Lynda Davis 09-04-58 Baby McCague 29-05-65 Simone Goulet 26-08-76
Isabell Nantel 10-05-58 Ian Pringle 29-04-66 Baby Steinbach 16-01-78
Mary Campbell 17-09-58 Baby Lussier 06-02-67 Walter Smith 07-12-78
Baby Campbell 17-09-58 Baby Lussier 06-02-67 Robert Smith 09-12-78
Gary Hughes 13-12-58 Baby Lucas 23-02-67 Sarah Lyon 30-12-78
David Hewitt 05-06-59 Baby Rose 29-10-67 Baby Garbett 28-10-79
David Phillips 24-09-59 Baby Despins 06-12-67 Robert Zelezen 14-11-79
Mary MacDonald 11-05-60 Baby Despins 06-12-67 Michael Campbell 03-07-84
Marie Racicot 10-06-60 Baby Fogarty 01-01-68 Kevin Murphy 25-01-93
Karen Manson 20-11-60 Sterling Baxter 17-04-68 Jeremy Brassard 27-01-93


 pictures of the Memorial can be viewed at Scenes from Germany


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