[ Baden Soellingen ]

From 444 Squadron
A Tribute to 4 WING and to the Royal Canadian Airforce

We have watched her grow, and seen her
weary face as she struggled to begin;
We have watched her grow, and walk, and
run, and send her shining jets into the sky;
We have watched her grow, and learn, and
pit her strength against the test;
And in the joy and sorrow of her many faces,
in the heartaches and the gains;
She grew there, as we have seen, by any
standard, a mighty Queen.

Of her strength we were a part, a very
portion of her heart;
With her we grew and with her silvered
wings we flew.

No allegiance could compare, to the bonds
that held us there;
Her every task we made our goal, so close we
rested to her soul;
We've carried her banner held on high, and
flashed her name across the sky;
And from each has come the cry, "For her I
live, and if I must, I die".
We are but a tiny part, a wee small portion
of her heart;
Now our time with her is past, the die of
future things is cast;
Our great love for her domain, cannot now
dull the aching pain;
Perhaps she'll need our skill anon, but 'till
then our name is gone;
"Strike Swift, Strike Sure" our motto said,
now takes its place among the dead;
The day will come when it will rise, to join
its brothers in the skies;
But for now our tribute hear, from each of
us a silent tear;
It is in sadness that we go, because you see,
we watched her grow!

Presented by
Wing Commander R.H. Annis
18 March 1967

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