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The community consists of the central main town around which the branch communities are situated in a star shaped manner. The branch communities consists of the villages of Winden, Vormberg, Ebenung and the monastic estates of Fremersberg, Kartung, Halberstung, Muellhofen, Leiberstung and Schiftung.

The settlement of Sinzheim dates back to the 7th century and was first mentioned in a document of the year 884 under the Emperor, Karl III. The 1100th anniversary of this first mention was celebrated in 1984 with a street festival 13-15 July.

From a village of farmers and tradesmen, Sinzheim has developed into an aspiring residential community. The good central location was, and still is a strong attraction for trade and industry. A small portion of the population still engage in farming with cattle, fruit and asparagus, and wine being the main products.

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