[ Baden Soellingen ]

Ode to the Groundcrew

Here's to the men with the skillful hands
Who fuel the planes when they come in and
Who fix the canopies, stop the leaks,
Change the tires, oil the squeaks,
Tend to the rigging to make them fly straight,
Wait by the planes when the pilots are late,
Who smooth the scratches, rivet the panels,
Check "Loud and clear" on the radio channels,
Who read all the write-ups and make the
Check lines and wires for chafing and tears,
Who pull the chocks and walk the wings,
And do a million and one little things,
That makes the airplanes safe to fly.
Here's a salute to that hard-working guy
From a group of fliers who too seldom ponder
The men who keep us in the wild blue yonder.

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