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Fantasy Flight

Today I flew through cloudless heights
And scanned a world unfolding,
Saw towns and farms, all nature's sights,
A joy to be beholding.
I suffered not the loss of men
Who, locked upon the earth
Rely on worlds the author's pen
Describes of meager worth.

I saw the Rhine, this mighty course,
and barges with their loads,
I saw cathedrals, spires' source,
And teeming, seething roads.
Below me, forests, dark and black
With castles on the hills,
And fancy often took me back
To days of Knighthood's thrills.

I flew in dazzling sunlight bright,
While storms beneath me raced,
I flew in cloud all milky white,
My flight on instruments paced.
Then power ceased, my engine died,
Should I eject or stay?
And then with skill, a relight tried,
I kept the earth at bay.

I coped with ease, emergencies,
Where lesser men would fail,
I courted death, disaster teased,
And knotted my contrail.
Approaching home, I flew in low
To touchdown, coasting landlocked
Deployed the chute, used brakes to slow
And soon was parked and chocked.

My snags are fixed, so's destiny
I've never tried to fly
This flight was not but fantasy
A groundcrew clod am I.

Geejay - 104 Serv.

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