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Der Kanadier
On Thursday 2 July 1970, when Der Kanadier was first published as the weekly newspaper for Canadian servicemen on NATO duty in Europe, it was intended as a unifying factor in the difficult task of melding the various disparate elements of airforce and army from France and northern Germany that had been consolidated in Baden-Soellingen and Lahr. Its declared circulation was 7000 copies. The name symbolized the idea of the Canadian in Europe, emphasizing the need to learn the local language, and at the same time avoiding the problem of finding a title that would fit both English and French.

Der Kanadier immediately replaced the two airforce magazines which had ceased publication the previous week: in Baden-Soellingen "The Schwarzwalder"; in Lahr "The ArrowheadTribune". Later it also replaced the "Beaver", the newspaper of the Canadian Land Forces in Europe, which continued publication in Soest until 8 October 1970.

The production methods were taken over from the previous newspapers. The text was typed on the IBM Composer 72, state-of-the-art technology in those days. These machines remained till 1990 with an update to an IBM 82. In 1990 the paper took a great leap forward and purchased a Macintosh IIcx computer with full desk-top publishing capabilities.

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