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Closing Day Ceremonies

29 June 1970

The end of seventeen years at 4 Wing, Baden-Soellingen, and the disbandment of two of the Squadrons that contributed to its distinguished history, was marked by formal ceremonies here on June 29th, 1970. With the establishment of Canadian Forces Base Europe on July 1,4 Wing became 1Canadian Air Group, Baden Detachment, and thus no longer a separate base in its own right.

Unfortunately, low clouds and rain showers forced the final parade to be held in the Arena rather than outside. Nevertheless, the roar of a 4-plane formation passing overhead greeted the arrival of the Base Commander, Colonel F. J. Kaufman, at the dias to review the parade.

Many visitors, civilian and military, from Canada, Germany, France and the United States, were present as the two retiring squadrons, 422 and 427, made their final appearance. The handing over to Col Kaufman of 422's Tomahawk and 427's flag symbolized the passing of yet another two of Canada's famous Fighter Squadrons. And so, 4 Wing faded into history to be replaced by l CAG, CFB(E) with 421,439 and 441Squadrons to carry on the roles of strike, attack and reconnaissance in the new Canadian Forces Europe structure.

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