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The CF 104 Era - The 80's
The new look of '80s started with a facelift for Baden's PMQ's. Klein Kanada received new doors and Jagerfences along with inside renovations. In Baden, educators celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the DND Schools on 5 June.

On 8 June 1980, Base Baden-Soellingen saw the inauguration of cable TV on the base, more specifically CFNS-TV. This was actually the second step in the great TV scenario, the first being the installation of video receivers in the messes and the BYC. The third and final step would occur before Christmas and would extend the cable system to the single quarters on the base, and into the married quarters both on the base and in Weitenung. The cable system accommodated eight channels: two from France, three German and two Canadian one French, one English)

1980 was also the year that the Baden Playmakers presented their first serious drama, Wait Until Dark, and the Royal Canadian Legion was granted its first overseas charter at Baden.

In 1981, the Royal Canadian Air Force celebrated its 57th birthday. It was also at this time the Friedrich's baths in Baden-Baden closed for renovations which took four months to complete.

The new year brought Baden to a standstill, when, according to Der Kanadier, freezing rain paralyzed traffic in January. The hospital got off to a good start in 1982 when Deutschmark 500,000 was spent to improve conditions for both in and out patient care.

30th anniversary celebration the next year brought aircraft of all types and over 60,000 spectators to the base in June. Earlier,aT-bird,No.401,was dedicated outside the main gate.

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