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Base Post Office

Reacting to the need to provide RCAF personnel serving in Europe with a postal service, 1 Air Division established the 1 Air Division Postal Unit in Paris France, in October 1952. The Wing at Baden-Soellingen was assigned the CFPO number 107 which it retained until 1S February 1967. In 1956, it was decided to increase the facility at Baden and an additional postal service operating under the Canadian Army Post Office number 5056 was established. In 1965, all CAPO's were re-designated as CFPO's and CFPO 5056 is the post office of today. Postal Service always been a large part of service families' lives in Europe. From mailing those letters to keep in touch with family members back home, to picking up the mail orders that everyone has come to rely on, the post office is the one facility that everyone on the base visits on a regular basis.

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