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Base Maintenance Land
A Base Maintenance (Land) organization of one form or another has been supporting 4 Wing/CFB Baden-Soellingen since the arrival of the Canadians in this area. The section has varied in size, organization and role throughout the development of the Wing/ Base.

Initially, Base Maintenance (Land) consisted of a group of military Mobile Support Equipment Technicians (RCAF) and civilian tradesmen. These personnel were responsible for the servicing, recovery, and repair of all Mobile Support Equipment towing vehicles, and a certain amount of ground support equipment.

With integration came a change of name and affiliation for the technicians who merged with the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to become known as the Land Ordnance Engineering Branch. However, the role remained the same; to provide support to the flying operation.

In 1977 came the most dramatic change with a separation from the Mobile Support Equipment section. The first Land Ordnance Engineering Officer was posted in and Base Maintenance (Land) assumed responsibility for the maintenance of all small arms with the introduction of Weapon Technicians (Land) and for the maintenance of non-aviation electronic and electrical equipment with the introduction of Fire Control Technicians and Radio Technicians.

The section continued to grow and develop throughout the 1980s to a configuration of approximately S0 military and civilian Vehicle Technicians, Weapons Technicians (Land), Fire Control Technicians, and Materials Technicians. The section is responsible for the support of all vehicles and trailers, and all associated land technical equipment.

Base Maintenance (Land) has participated in all activities of 4 Wing/CFB Baden-Soellingen. During the Persian Gulf conflict vehicles and equipment were prepared and painted prior to deployment and technicians from the section accompanied the equipment to provide immediate support during operations. Equipment deployed on OPERATION HARMONY in Yugoslavia was again prepared and painted by Base Maintenance (Land) Technicians and a Vehicle Technician was deployed to provide expert advice to the Peacekeeping Unit.

Base Maintenance (Land) is a small section of the Base Technical Services Branch and occupies four buildings on Base. Aside from working from this infrastructure, three specialized vehicles are operated to provide recovery and in-situ maintenance support.

Base Maintenance (Land) was present in CFB Baden-Soellingen from the beginning and will be one of the sections remaining until the end. Maintenance operations, although scaled down, will continue until December 1993.

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