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Base Transportation
The Base Transportation Section became autonomous on 1 November 1979: previous to this the section had been a lodger unit of the Lahr transport section. Throughout the years the section has continually grown to meet the ever increasing demands placed on it for varying services. The section reached its zenith in 1992 when it employed 52 military personnel and 65 civilians. The fleet of over 400 consists of a variety of vehicles including many specialized pieces of equipment, some of which arc used to load aircraft weapons, clean the base streets, and even to lift aircraft.

The section has participated fully in all of the Base and Wing's requirements and supported such operations as the movement of CF-104s to Turkey (1986), Operation Princess Royal, the Tactical Air Meet of 1988 and the Gulf crisis of 1990. In recognition of its outstanding support, the section was awarded a Base Commander's Commendation in 1992.

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