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Base Supply
In the build-up at 4 Wing, in May 1953, it is known that the first supplies were flown in on board a Bristol cargo airplane. Items included paper, stationary, medical supplies and a jeep. Two weeks later cupboards, crockery, coat hangers and cleaning materials arrived. From such meager beginnings a supply section was created. We also know that Flying Officer Tait became the first Station Supply Officer responsible to the Chief Technical Services Officer and that Flight Sergeant Good NCO i/c Supply Accounts and five clerks maintained inventory control but worked directly for the Senior Accounts Officer. The size of the organization is unknown but in this Sabre era the supply section supported well over 1000 military and civilian personnel, 400 PMQ's and 62 aircraft. With the introduction of the CF-100 in August 1957, supply now had to deal with two aircraft systems and their support requirements. However, by December 1962 the CF-100 was returned to Canada and by April 1963 the F-86 was ferried to Scotland for disposal. This ushered in the CF-104 era in March 1963 and with it a new line of inventory. The CF-100 repatriation, the F-86 disposal and the introduction of the CF- 104 all overlapped and added a sizable workload to a supply section that had only marginally increased. We also know that although there were fewer Star fighters than Sabres, the CF-104 was a more technologically advanced fighter which required more support and burned more fuel.

In 1969, Base Supply took on garrison support to the Army which had moved into the North Marg. In July 1970 the Air Division relinquished control to 1 Canadian Air Group as part of CEB Europe. Base Supply Baden, thus became a detachment of Base Supply Lahr.

The early seventies also heralded the new Canadian Forces Supply System and brought in new ways of doing business. In 1972, the old narrow gauge rail line through Hugelsheim was removed and with it the delivery of aviation fuel to the base. Fuel continued to be delivered by tanker from Kehl to the Soellingen siding until 1976 when the CEPS pipeline was installed. In 1986, twenty sea containers were used to ship CF- 104 parts to Turkey. The CF- 18 entered on stage and spurred a new era of growth for Base supply. For the first time in its history Base Supply was established with a Major's position together with 60 military and 40 civilian positions. In October 1990, Base Supply made history again with deployment of it's second line aircraft supply group to the Gulf in support of first line customers 409/439 Sqn. In August 1992 the new NATO fuel tanks became operational and the old POL farm ceased to operate.

The first supplies delivered 40 years ago are long gone. In August 1993 the last Base Supply Officer, Major K. Landry, will relinquish control to the Detachment Supply Closure organization. A small supply section of 32 personnel under Captain Koss will remain to finalize the paperwork and repatriation of supplies. This closes the last page of the final chapter of 4 Wing Baden-Soellingen. All military and civilian personnel who have ever served in Baden-Soellingen should be justifiably proud of their contributions to 4 Wing and peace in Europe.


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