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Base Comptroller
The first Accounts Section of 4 (F) Wing Baden-Soellingen was established in 1954. The section consisted of 17 personnel under the leadership of a Senior Accounting Officer (S/L V C STEVENS). The first problem encountered by the section, (as per a 1955 Schwarzwald Flieger's article) was that personnel could not find the Accounts Section, which was then located in Barrack Block 20. Since that time the Accounts Section has been relocated several times, however on each occasion amateur detectives on base have managed to find our hiding place.

From 1970 to 1979 the Base was organized as a detachment of Lahr and was not totally self accounting. During this time period the finance office was a pay, claims, Receiver General Transfer Accounts, cashier and Non Public Funds operation under the control of a Captain, Base Financial Officer. In 1979 authority was granted to reorganize Detachment Baden into a Canadian Forces Base; however, the catch was that there would be no additional manpower provided to accomplish this feat. The need to address the obvious manpower problems associated with reorganization were finally recognized when an On-Site Manpower Evaluation was ordered to be carried out during 1981-82. The review was actually completed in the Summer of 1982 with the official recognition of the new Base and 1 CAG Maint Sqn establishments. In 1984 the Base Comptroller position was filled by a Major for the first time and the B Compt establishment was "flushed out" to provide for the complete range of financial services with the exception of Invoice Accounts.

Since 1984 other changes have taken place within the BCompt section, mainly in the area of new computer systems: the ABACIS and the FIS MK III in 1986 and the CCPS MK III ill 1992. Since 1954 numerous finance clerks have served at Baden, names and faces of some have now been forgotten, but all lived by our branch motto "SERVITIUM NULLI SECUNDUS". In addition to the serviceman and women who have served here, there have also been numerous civilians who have been employed within the accounts section. These individuals have played a key role in providing uninterrupted service while military personnel were involved in "Starfighters", The Gulf War and other duties.

The closure of Baden-Soellingen will mean a lot of things to different people, the travel, the good fellowships, and how about the "Starfighters" oh the "Starfighters". The same goes for the Fin Clk, we will miss all of the above, along with the cheap beer, the fine wine, the German food, but most of all we will miss the Foreign Service Premium.


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