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The Baden Rube Band
While records show the existence of a "STATION BAND" as early as the 60s, the first "Baden Rube Band" correspondence on file was dated Feb. 1967. Since then the Baden Rube Band, affectionately known as the "RUBE BAND" or the "RUBIES", has consisted of Canadian military personnel and dependents posted to CFE, Canadian Civilians employed in CFE, Linda Burns and numerous German nationals. While hundreds of "Auslander Rubies" have come and gone, there are several "lifers" who are a few retired Canadians and several German nationals who have been the backbone of the band and who have cemented many long lasting relationships both here in Germany and back home.

The Rube Band has appeared at such functions as local festivals, Mess Dinners, parades and garden parties; annual events such as the Heidelberg 4 ATAF Christmas Reception, the Geilenkirchen NATO Festival and the Meddersheim Wine Fest, at concerts in other countries such as England, Switzerland and France; in Canada, at the CFB Trenton and Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfests in 1978,1987 and 1992; and at a first ever "Rube Band Reunion" held at CFB Ottawa in 1991.

The only professional musician in the Band was the Bandleader who was a regular CF Bandsman posted to CFE for the specific purpose of maintaining the Rube Band. The rest were volunteers who had a love of music and a lust to entertain. These people gave up much of their free time to perform with the band at hundreds of engagements every year. At the beginning the Rubies were just what the name implies, a bunch of "RUBES". Since then they have, through the ministrations of many a Band Master, been molded or tuned if you will, into the existing Baden Rube Band as you see (hear) it today. There is no doubt that the level of expertise and pride the "RUBIES" enjoy through their hard work and dedication has won them the patent rights to the Baden Rube Band motto:


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