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The closest major city to CFB Baden-Soellingen is Baden-Baden. It is situated approximately 10km east of the base and has a population of about 50,000 people. This city, located at the "Gateway to the Black Forest", is world-renowned for its curative hot springs and its cultural and social events. Throughout the years it has maintained its reputation as a center of international social life.

The earliest signs of human life in the Oos valley date back about 10,000 years to the Mesolithic period. Grave finds from later epochs also exist. Around 1200 BC a Celtic refuge was set up on the Battert. The Romans occupied the area between 75 and 250 AD when magnificent thermal baths were built for the Roman soldiers. The Roman settlement was originally called "Aquae" and then after the year 213 AD "Aquae Aureliae".

The town of Baden was first mentioned in a document belonging to the Margrave Rudolph of Baden in 1256 and the "old castle" as it is known today was first mentioned in 1257. After bathing became popular (around 1473) the Margrave Christoph I, issued a decree to bring bathing activities under his control and visitors' taxes were introduced. On the 24th of August 1669, the town was occupied by French troops and the Great Fire reduced almost all of the town and the nearby castles to rubble. It took nearly a century to rebuild the town.

The Rastatt Congress of 1797 introduced the great princess and diplomats of Europe to the charms of Baden-Baden and the city has flourished ever since. Known for its casino and the curative powers of its waters and spas, the city has hosted most of the great leaders and personalities of the world. Today this tradition continues and the city is recognized as "the summer capital of Europe."

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