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422 Squadron

422 "Tomahawk" Squadron was first formed in April 1942 in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland. The entire war was spent in Coastal Command flying Catalina and Sunderland flying-boats on convoy escort and anti-submarine patrols. During this period 422 Squadron operated from a number of seaplane bases in Northern Ireland, the west coast of Scotland, the Hebrides and the Shetlands with Reykjavik and Gibraltar as ports of call. In addition, 4:22 gained the distinction of being the only Canadian squadron that carried out 0pcrations from bases in the USSR; Murmansk and Archangel. To its credit, 422 had one confirmed and one possible U-boat kill.

The first deactivation for the squadron occurred from September 1945 to January 1953, when it was reformed at RCAF Station Uplands, Ottawa and equipped with F-86 Sabre aircraft. Eight months later, twenty-five 422 Squadron Sabres were winging their way to Baden-Soellingen, West Germany via Bagotville, Goose Bay, Greenland, Iceland, and Scotland as part of Leap Frog IV. Along with 414 and 444 Squadrons, the "Tomahawks" formed 4 Wing and were an integral part of the day time air defence system of Western Europe, as part of 4 ATAF.Flight Joke

The second disbandment in April 1963 lasted only a few months to July 1963 when 422 was re-equipped with the CF- 104 as part of 4 Wing. The Starfighters were flown in the strike/attack role within ! Air Division as part of Canada's contribution NATO. The squadron remained at Baden-Soellingen until its disbandment in July 1970 having served a total of 17 years at that base.

CFB Gagetown was the site of the latest chapter of 422 history with its last reactivation in January 1971 as a Tactical Helicopter Squadron with the CH 135 Twin Huey, L- 19 Birddog, and finally CH136 Kiowa aircraft.

In 1975, 422 Squadron completed 25 years service and in 1977 received its standard. The colours show the squadron crest, an Indian hatchet, five battle honors and the squadron's motto "THIS ARM SHALL DO IT!"

In August 1980, 422 Squadron was stood down for the final time and the "Hatchetmen" were dispersed to other units.

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