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3 Mech Commando
Sunday, October 11th 1970. The Airbase at Baden-Soellingen, long accustomed to the roar of jet aircraft, heard a new sound as the rumble of over 100 tracked vehicles broke the Sunday silence when 3 Mechanized Commando rolled into camp.

The column of armoured personnel carriers was halted at the main gate and given permission by the Base Commander to occupy their new garrison in the north dispersal.

3 Mechanized Commando was formed in the rain soaked training area of Sennelager on 28 June 1970, to serve as a mechanized infantry battalion with Canada's commitment to NATO ground forces, 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. Although not employed in an airborne role, the unit belonged to the Canadian Airborne Regiment and wore the international sign of airborne troops - the maroon beret.

The Commandos turned over the reins to 3 RCR on 13 July 1977, when they were renamed 3 Airborne Commando, and relocated to CFB Petawawa to serve as part of the Special Service Force with the Airborne Regiment.

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