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1 Air Maintenance Squadron
In 1968, at Canadian Forces Base Lahr, 1 Wing Maintenance was the conceptual proving ground for Combat Centered Maintenance. 1 Wing Maintenance carried out a series of physical relocations of sections to the east side of the airfield, designed to centralize maintenance functions resulting in more effective coordination, communication and co-operation. The exercise proved very successful and 1 Air Maintenance Squadron followed similar principles of structure and operation at Canadian Forces Base Baden-Soellingen.

The Squadron was originally formed in November 1971 as 1 Canadian Air Group Maintenance Squadron and was renamed in August 1983, 1 Air Maintenance Squadron.

Under the operational command of 1 Canadian Air Division, (formerly under 1 Canadian Air Group), 1 Air Maintenance Squadron has always been charged with providing safe and operationally ready aircraft for the Tactical Fighter Squadrons therein, which it has done so now for 21 years.

The squadron crest, which received Royal approval in May 1984, signifies all that 1 Air Maintenance Squadron stands for. The blue band represents the Rhine River where the Squadron has been based since its formation, the castle represents the cornerstone of defence and the mailed gauntlet holding it represents the Squadron's role of operational support and strength of purpose. The inscription "Ad Volatum Reparamus" means "We Restore to Flight".

The professionalism and dedication of the members of 1 Air Maintenance Squadron has always been noteworthy as demonstrated by 70% or greater serviceability rates, outstanding ratings achieved during Starfighter Tactical Evaluations and the exceptional support provided to all deployed operations over the years in particular the accomplishments during the Gulf War.

Closure of the base does not mean disbandment of 1 Air Maintenance Squadron as it will continue to stand to support the Fighter Squadrons at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake commencing the summer of 1993.

All past and present members of 1 Air Maintenance Squadron, men, women, service members and civilians alike, can be proud of their skills, achievements and role in making 1 Canadian Air Division an air force second to none.

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