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128 Air Defense Battery
T he Battery was formed initially as 103 Heavy Battery RCA, 15 January 1941, in Victoria, BC, and equipped with 3.7 inch Anti-Aircraft guns. Redesignated as 103 Coast Battery RCA in June of 1942 the unit was a part of the Canadian west coast defence system for the duration of the war. In March 1946 the unit was renamed 128 Heavy AA Battery as part of the postwar permanent force. The battery was once again renamed as 128 Battery in September 1950 and was moved to Picton, Ontario where it was equipped with a more sophisticated radar controlled 90ram AA gun. The unit was reduced to nil strength in October 1960, when the Army ceased air defence training.

The unit was officially re-formed as 128 Airfield Air Defence Battery on 10 July 1975 at Baden-Soellingen and was equipped with 40mm Boffins guns and the Blowpipe Missile System. On 27 November 1987 the Battery was disbanded as an independent unit and assigned as a sub-unit of 4th Air Defence Regiment.

4th Air Defence Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, was formed by Ministerial Order on 27 November 1987. The role of the unit was to provide low level air defence for 1 Canadian Air Division and 1 Canadian Division. The regiment established its Headquarters in Lahr along with 127 and 129 Air Defence Batteries and 4 Air Defence Workshops. 128 Air Defence Battery was garrisoned at CFB Baden-Soellingen.

The regiment was equipped with the Blowpipe surface to air missile, 35mm Oerlikon gun, Skyguard MK II acquisition and tracking radar and the Air Defence Anti Tank System (ADATS). These systems provided the Regiment with an all weather, day and night capability. 128 Air Defence Battery ceased operations at Baden-Soellingen on 31 March 1992.

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