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Obtaining School Records

For anyone looking for school records and transcripts; they have all been moved to Toronto from Ottawa. The new address is:

Ministry of Education
Education Research and Evaluation Strategy Branch
900 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1L2
Attention: Mrs. Doreen Kirwan
Telephone: (416) 325-2492

Note: These materials are gathered from bulletin board entries as a service to our visitors on an "as is" basis and may be used for information purposes only. Badenremembered assumes no responsibility for error or omissions in these materials.

Obtaining a Canadian passport

Please note that Canadian birth certificates do not exist.
Provincial governments have responsibility for issuing such documentation.

The key document is the Certificate of Registration of a Birth Abroad produced by Immigration Canada. After birth, this should have been available from the base Personnel Section, and would have been completed and sent to the Canadian embassy in either Bonn (at the time) or Paris, for forwarding to the immigration folks in Ottawa. As an airforce brat of long-standing, I can understand how that step may have been SNAFUed. But you never know---maybe those steps were taken and that piece of paper is filed at Immigration Canada.

If you have a French or German birth certificate, the names of your parents better be on it. If you have proof of their Canadian citizenship, that might be all the documentation required.

If you don't have that birth certificate, you can enlist the help of of an embassy because that is a consular service normally provided by an embassy or consular office for its citizens. BUT this probably will not be the Canadian Embassy in Paris or Berlin. If you have French or German citizenship, you probably should be dealing with the French or German Embassy in Ottawa to obtain the proper documents. Don't forget: you are a citizen of that country and should receive their mostly undivided attention.

If you are not in Ottawa, check your yellow pages under "Consulates" or "Consulate General" and contact the nearest French or German office for advice. Below a few addresses to contact some town directly which should help some people, but some of us are pushing 60! and were born in places unknown to most.

If you need a passport fast, and don't have the right stuff to obtain a Canadian one quickly, why not travel under a French or German one (supposing you have proof of citizenship!)? Canada doesn't care how many passports (nationalities)you may have. The Germans may be stuffy about it, but they'll never know when you eventually obtain a Canadian passport. I hope that this information may assist a few people.



To acquire a German birth certificate if you're parents were stationed Soellingen:
Standesamt Rheinmuenster
Lindenbrunnenstrasse 1
77836 Rheinmuenster
Germany Mr. Kleinhans (chief officer at Standesamt Rheinmuenster)

or if your parents were stationed at at Lahr:
Standesamt Lahr
Rathausplatz 4
77933 Lahr

there where up to 150 Canadian babies registered each year.

Please supply exact date of birth and the name of your parents and they will help you.

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