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My;aren't all M&W Techs getting older
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Author:  weatherbee fg [ Sun Dec 02, 2007 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  My;aren't all M&W Techs getting older

Beaver 1 (1968-69-70)
Canadian EOD
Clear and gone....really gone now

The days of the 6 gun Sabre (with the Rabat Special screwdriver)and the '04 ( with the HRP )have dis-appeared into history;with hardly a trace. We the gun plummers who were there are also disappearing ,also with hardly a trace .My Beaver 1 winger;the Peter Wright;has gone to the big beer fest in the sky as have many of the olders. As the years pass I haven't heard a transmission from anyone (even TCC ) from those days .
The memories of the Stammtisch ; Steinhagers;Jagermeisters mixed with
great quantities of BIER,BIER,BEER at the various Gun Plummer after TacEval's gatherings in the Gausthauses of Hugie and Iffie have diminished somewhat ;though the thought of a late lunch of Schienk-en-brot has ocassionally crossed my mind..

Oh yes--one question for those who came after 70 ; ever mow the Disposal Area fence with surplus Primacord ??????
Lofty,Pete and I did.........

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